Medical Cannabis Marijuana is proven to be what I call a "Reverse Gateway" Medicine. Helpi

When states legalize medical marijuana, opioid overdoses go down drastically. Saving these lives is a clear reason for decriminalization immediately now that these statistics have been verified here in the United States and throughout the world. “Legalized marijuana cannabis could help curb the opioid epidemic, study finds,” NBC News (2017) In states that have legalized medical marijuana, hospital visits for painkiller dependence dropped 23% on average. And visit for opioid overtones dropped 13%. (From the US Center for Disease Control) Marijuana cannabis is a proven alternative to prescription painkillers, and can even help opioid addicts curb their addiction. Despite what some people who a

Patient's Miracle from Medical Cannabis.

Our first patient at Honolulu Wellness Center ( was an amazing man who had stage four cancer. His wife said that the experience he had in our offices got him belly laughing for the first time in years. Her mention of us in his eulogy brought content tears to my eyes. When she said "Thank you to Paul, Linda, Michael and Farz of Honolulu Wellness Center who brought happiness, empathy, understanding, and sincere listening ears into his life at a time he felt completely misunderstood from his other medical teams. Since he decided his dosing, timing and variety, the medical marijuana gave him a bit of control when had no other. This is just one of the countless expe

Possible medical benefits of Cannabis being investigated.

Here are some of the recognized possible therapeutic uses of medical and legal use of cannabis (We are very anxious for further human research and testing to quantify therapeutic uses with measurable results that can be quoted.) Check with your primary care licensed physician before using any medication or supplement.: Relieves Pain, Suppresses Appetite/ Weight Loss, Kills or slows Bacterial Growth, Reduces Blood Sugar Levels, Reduces Vomiting and Nausea, Reduces Seizures and Convulsions, Reduces Inflammation, Aids Sleep, Reduces Risk of Artery Blockage, Inhibits Tumor Growth/Cancer Cells, Nervous System Protectant, Suppresses Muscle Spasms, Relieves Anxiety, Sti

Introducing the founder of Honolulu Wellness, Paul Klink

Paul L. Klink is the Founder, Patient-Advocate, Chaplain, and Medical Assistant. He is not just the founder of the Honolulu Wellness Center cannabis card clinic, he was a patient; so his empathy and understanding are incontrovertible. First and foremost he's a patient-advocate listening to our patients with a keen ear to learn each patient's unique situation. As a Certified Medical Cannabis Consultant, he then facilitates as a licensed physician orchestrates with, staff and patients to set reasonable goals for treatment recommendations with follow-up. Paul truly cares, and sincerely knows "where patients are coming from." His ability to translate patient's conditions is mentioned in reviews

These results reconfirm that #medical #cannabis reduces #opioid use...

These results reconfirm that #medical #cannabis reduces #opioid use, and now we also know that medical cannabis reduces use of alcohol, antidepressants, and a field of other medications... "The team, inspired by earlier studies suggesting that medical cannabis leads to a reduction in opioid overdose deaths, decided to determine whether cannabis’ “substitution effect” applies to other medications..." Please read on at: The Cannabis Substitution Effect: This is About More than Just Opioid Epidemics.​ Please feel free to reach out to Paul L. Klink, Founder of Honolulu Wellness Center and ask for his favorable outlook of cannabis as a "reverse gateway" medicine. Ca

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After years of being a medical cannabis patient, I opened and volunteer at my own clinic to provide other patients the care I so desperately sought. In Sept. 2016 after waiting months for my medical marijuana doctor to return from an extended vacation during which my card had expired I decided that patients like me deserved to be treated better. Legal patients need to be treated with the utmost respect, seen on time, get a return call within a business-day, get a house call if infirmed, learn about alternatives other than marijuana, get recommendations for their medicine and reminders for renewals. SO...I founded the Honolulu Wellness Center to deliver on these needs of the patients and curr

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