"Expert: Amid delays, patient died waiting for medical marijuana relief"

Hawaii News Now's anchor Shawn Ching interviews Honolulu Wellness Center Cannabis Card Clinic's Certified Medical Cannabis Consultant Paul L. Klink, Volunteer and Patient Advocate. Click here to watch the segment. "HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Two additional medical marijuana dispensaries – one on Oahu, the other on Kauai – were recently given the green light by the state Health Department to begin cultivating cannabis, even though the labs needed to test marijuana products still have not been certified to begin doing so. The announcement brings what's expected to be an even bigger workload for employees from the three independent testing facilities, who have not even begun to approve any of t

We go to these government meetings so you don't have to...

MEDICAL MARIJUANA LEGISLATIVE OVERSIGHT WORKING GROUP ACT 230, HB 2707, SESSION LAWS OF HAWAII 2016 This is where the legal magic happens for our industry. I can share that these individuals are truly stewards of our health. If anyone has a question I can bring to the group please email us at and I'll do my best to help. Since the law in Hawaii allowed for the medical use of cannabis in 2000 we were looking forward to a dispensary law to acquire our medicine. Now in the last two years one passed and is being implemented now. So we've had 17 years of experience with medical use of cannabis in Hawaii. Many issues are covered in these transparent meetings and

What is the difference between CBD from Help and CBD from Cannabis? Hmmm...

You can Understand CBD’s varieties and how they're obtained: There are various brands, styles of extraction and sources of CBD. Hemp CBDs come from more industrially known hemp plants which grow faster and can be harvested many times per season, whereas CBD derived from the Cannabis "Marijuana" plant can usually be harvested only once per season and will most likely contain additional whole-plant elements that cause a more effective entourage effects. Hemp CBD Oil is known to the FDA as a supplement which means that it can not state that it treats, cures, etc. any disease. Ergo, no promises can be made nor sold to. Not All Hemp CBD Oils Are Created Equal in that whether it is derived from HE

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