Kama'aina Full-Service Package Details Kama’aina Special Full-Service Package Aloha and thank you for your interest in our $188 Special Kama’aina package! (a $388.00 value.) Plus the State of Hawaii, Department of Health, Medical Cannabis Program, 329 Registration Card Fee of $38.50.) Our objective is to help you through the process of obtaining your Medical Cannabis Card, legally, with the least amount of stress possible. Here are the 3 steps: 1. Make an appointment with Honolulu Wellness Center ~ Kamaaina Special Full-Service Package at the Appointment Form at Once you complete the form, a Certified Medical Cannabis Consultant will call to answer questions and schedule a New-Patient/Renewal Appointment

Great News from the US Senate!

Great news from Washington, D.C.! This morning, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted to continue protecting state-sanctioned medical marijuana businesses and patients from Department of Justice interference. The provision, which you might know as the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, has to be renewed every time a new budget is passed by Congress. This year, Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a letter to Members of Congress, urging them NOT to renew the provision. But thanks in part to the critical work Of the Honolulu Wellness Center ~ Cannabis Card Clinic and members from other organizations have been doing to build strong relationships with senators in both parties, the Appropriations

Knowing the Quality of your Medical Cannabis Flower

How do you know the quality of your medical cannabis flower? At Honolulu Wellness Center we would like our patients educated to know the difference in quality of their cannabis medicine. TRICHOMES Can you see crystals with the naked eye? If so, this is a good indicator of potency. MOISTURE The flower should be spongy and not completely dry, but still have stems that snap when bent. COLOR Light to dark green color with golden to red hairs are typical in a properly cured plant. LEAF Less leaves indicate you will have more of the psychotropic euphoria inducing or ailment treating cannabinoids and terpenes. SMELL The freshest flower usually has the strongest aroma, while aged or mishandled flowe

Passing a Kidney Stone while Suffering from Shingles!? WTH?

Not only am I surviving, but thriving, thanks to medical cannabis Thanks to ! What are two of the most painful medical conditions for a human beings? Everyone will agree that Shingles is one of the most excruciating painful medical conditions in the world and probably only second to passing a large kidney stone which is considered to be more painful than giving birth as even agreed to by women who've passed the stone and have given birth. So for this BLOG's sake, can we agree that Shingles and Kidney Stone Passing are two of the absolute most painful experiences a human could have in their life? Currently, I have both. I have a large kidney stone existing my right kidney and wor

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