My pregnancy journey with the help of Marijuana

From: I Smoked Marijuana While Pregnant and Breastfeeding My pregnancy journey with the help of Marijuana Posted by Lemon Knowles on Wednesday Sep 20, 2017 My pregnancy journey with the help of Marijuana By Lemon Knowles marijuana and pregnant Before I jump right into the subject, let me give you a brief history on my relationship with marijuana. I met Mary Jane when I was in high school, the old-fashioned way where I was influenced by a peer. I barely remember what I felt the first time I tried it, but I remember

Medical Cannabis and Work

From Medical cannabis and the workplace. Medical Marijuana and Work Drug Tests Posted by Google Plus icon Jason Draizin on 08/22/2017 in Medical Marijuana marijuana work drug test Although people in the U.S. are welcoming the new medical marijuana laws, there is still uncertainty among employers and employees alike on how to handle using it legally in the workplace. As an employee using medical cannabis or considering getting a recommendation for it, you may have questions about the work drug test in your workplace and the adverse implications of positive test results. As it stands now, there are more than 20 states that have legalized cannabis for medical purposes. The laws around medical

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