Terpenes! Terpenes contribute to a strain's particular influence!

Terpenes Terpenes are the fragrance molecules found emanating from all plants - including cannabis, which offers a unique scent from one strain to the next. The fragrant imprint of each plant is a result of different combinations of terpenes. Cannabis is unique in that each strain has a unique profile of terpenes. Terpenes are believed to exhibit medicinal properties independent from the cannabinoids. Overall, terpenes contribute to a strain's particular influence - a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. LET'S LEARN ABOUT: Linalool Terpinolene Phytol β-Myrcene Citronellol Caryphyllene Oxide α-Pinene Limonene β–Caryophyllene Humulene Linalool Formula: C10H18O Molecular Mass: 154.1358 g

How to assemble and use a Vapor "Pen" (With Cannabis (Marijuana) tips and tricks.)

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