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Highest level of care, at the lowest possible price, with Aloha at the root of all we do. Honolulu W

After years of being a medical cannabis patient, I opened and volunteer at my own clinic to provide other patients the care I so desperately sought.

In Sept. 2016 after waiting months for my medical marijuana doctor to return from an extended vacation during which my card had expired I decided that patients like me deserved to be treated better. Legal patients need to be treated with the utmost respect, seen on time, get a return call within a business-day, get a house call if infirmed, learn about alternatives other than marijuana, get recommendations for their medicine and reminders for renewals. SO...I founded the Honolulu Wellness Center to deliver on these needs of the patients and currently volunteer as a certified medical cannabis consultant and patient advocate.

Aligning with like minded Aloha-filled professional associates I was able to open in a beautiful building within an existing clinic utilizing all their resources as well as creating a team of licensed healthcare clinicians who care as deeply about patients as I do. We see the person not just them as a patient, not the ailment, not their wallet, not their situational ups and downs...we see the whole patient...their entire life and work towards a goal of being curative, not just symptomatic treatments.

We are not a signature mill...we are who we say we are: Honolulu WELLNESS Center... We start with your first appointment including full intake, full analysis of patient provided records, face-to-face doctor's appointment creating a bonafide doctor-patient relationship, you sit with a certified medical marijuana consultant, we provide priceless education in presentations our patients are hosted to, we include two telemed appointments throughout your annual registration to stay up to date with your progress, we will do house-calls to infirmed patients, we provide recommendations for alternatives to synthetic drugs not just including marijuana, and more than this we care. We listen, we ask questions and pay attention to your answers, we honor your time by doing our best to be ready to see you at our appointed time, we understand when life circumstances require you to reschedule, and we keep you in the loop on all news regarding medical marijuana through web portholes.

If you are not a current patient and need someone to listen and help, just fill in the short call-back form at or call us at (808) 798-3629. We're here for you.

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