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Introducing the founder of Honolulu Wellness, Paul Klink

Paul L. Klink is the Founder, Patient-Advocate, Chaplain, and Medical Assistant.

He is not just the founder of the Honolulu Wellness Center cannabis card clinic, he was a patient; so his empathy and understanding are incontrovertible. First and foremost he's a patient-advocate listening to our patients with a keen ear to learn each patient's unique situation. As a Certified Medical Cannabis Consultant, he then facilitates as a licensed physician orchestrates with, staff and patients to set reasonable goals for treatment recommendations with follow-up. Paul truly cares, and sincerely knows "where patients are coming from." His ability to translate patient's conditions is mentioned in reviews frequently.

His inspiration to create these cannabis card clinics is the fact that he was a patient in the past and was unable to find an Cannabis Card office where he felt safe, comfortable, understood, and listened to.

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