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What is the difference between CBD from Help and CBD from Cannabis? Hmmm...

You can Understand CBD’s varieties and how they're obtained: There are various brands, styles of extraction and sources of CBD. Hemp CBDs come from more industrially known hemp plants which grow faster and can be harvested many times per season, whereas CBD derived from the Cannabis "Marijuana" plant can usually be harvested only once per season and will most likely contain additional whole-plant elements that cause a more effective entourage effects.

Hemp CBD Oil is known to the FDA as a supplement which means that it can not state that it treats, cures, etc. any disease. Ergo, no promises can be made nor sold to.

Not All Hemp CBD Oils Are Created Equal in that whether it is derived from HEMP or Cannabis plants, how it is extracted, how it is used and how each patient reacts differs from one brand to another.

Many Medical Marijuana Producers Are Producing Consistent, Top Quality CBD, Too and contains many more terpenes, CBG, THC and other elements helping patients with what is known as a very effective entourage effect. This Entourage Effect is seen by me and many other educated caregivers as effective as a combination.

CBD Works Best Combined With Other Cannabinoids in this Entourage Effect while working with a patients endocannabinoid system in their bodies naturally. There are many elements to whole-plant extracts, tinctures, oils, DMSO, recipes, the flower... that all have health benefits and liabilities depending on the variety, the patient's diagnoses, type of extraction, ways they are used and other variables.

THIS IS NOT A FORMAL STUDY: My personal experience with CBD: My primary qualifying diagnosis is Severe and Debilitating Pain. (I need to mention I do not have a seizure diagnoses.) I used a full bottle of sublingual Hemp Based CBD tablets daily for a month as suggested, waited a month, then switched to a month of daily sublingual CBD oil as suggested, waited a month, and then a month of cream (that did not have any DMSO or solvent.) as suggested. I tracked my pain in the joints in my hands, severe diabetic neuropathy in my feet, shoulder pain from torn rotator cuffs, latent pain from a groin surgery to repair damage to my femoral artery during a cardiac catheterization procedure, and chronic cardiac pain in my chest from implants. All these pains are #10 and in the past, I was prescribed opiates that were debilitating and I was able to mitigate the use through the use of medical cannabis. During this test, I discontinued the cannabis and relied solely upon the CBD. This test took me four months. During this four-month test, I did not find any (zero) relief from any of the CBD trials in contradiction to any and all marketing materials and so-called studies quoted in marketing materials. I am very disappointed in the "Fake News" about the "success" of CBD for the ailments I was seeking relief from. These supplements caused me months of severe #10 Pain (And I did treat breakthrough pain with full-plant tinctures, full-plant vape and full-plant DMSO all of which I make myself at home legally with my 329 Registration Card.

The experience of a 329 Registration Card holding Parkinson's Patient was similar to my experience. I gave him a month's sample of sublingual CBD (Hemp derived) tablets and he didn't find any relief with CBD only. I then gave him a one-month setup for a full-plant vape that I made and he found significant relief of symptoms, then I gave him a one month supply of full-plant tincture and he found the same symptom relief as the vapor. I asked him to titrate his own dosing and he now only continues full-plant cannabis use for symptom mitigation.

I am following other patients who do both CBD supplement along with full-plant medicine to see if the supplementing with CBD increases the effectiveness of the Full-Plant or Vise-Versa. I'll append this article when I have any findings. AGAIN THIS IS NOT A FORMAL STUDY.

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