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Passing a Kidney Stone while Suffering from Shingles!? WTH?

Not only am I surviving, but thriving, thanks to medical cannabis Thanks to !

What are two of the most painful medical conditions for a human beings? Everyone will agree that Shingles is one of the most excruciating painful medical conditions in the world and probably only second to passing a large kidney stone which is considered to be more painful than giving birth as even agreed to by women who've passed the stone and have given birth. So for this BLOG's sake, can we agree that Shingles and Kidney Stone Passing are two of the absolute most painful experiences a human could have in their life?

Currently, I have both. I have a large kidney stone existing my right kidney and working it's way down while at the same time I have a shingles on a nerve pathway on my right foot SIMULTANEOUSLY!

I've been offered the strongest break-through and ongoing pain management prescriptions available to mankind currently including IV morphine, Dilaudid, and Fentanyl; or pills including thus far Hydromorphone, Oxycontin, Oxycodone, and of course surgery for the stone.

How can I manage not missing even one moment of my regular responsibilities including volunteer shifts at a government office, Red Cross volunteer shifts, seeing over a dozen patients as a patient-advocate, public events, and even a speaking engagement? MEDICAL CANNABIS! That's how. Through ... and :)

My daily regimen includes medical cannabis vaporizer, "Klink's Tinc" full-spectrum whole-plant sublingual tincture, homemade canna-honey, DMSO salve, and super-high (pun intended) THC strain hybrid Indica/Sativa mix vapor pen. This regimen mitigates almost all the pain associated with my pre-existing #10 pain in my body from previous medical challenges and is currently mitigating about 90% of the new pain from shingles and passing a kidney stone.

Further living proof of the successful medical use of cannabis to share with you. My recipes and any information I have are yours for the asking. Let's all work together to make it better.

Live Aloha,


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