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Patient's Miracle from Medical Cannabis.

Our first patient at Honolulu Wellness Center ( was an amazing man who had stage four cancer. His wife said that the experience he had in our offices got him belly laughing for the first time in years. Her mention of us in his eulogy brought content tears to my eyes. When she said "Thank you to Paul, Linda, Michael and Farz of Honolulu Wellness Center who brought happiness, empathy, understanding, and sincere listening ears into his life at a time he felt completely misunderstood from his other medical teams. Since he decided his dosing, timing and variety, the medical marijuana gave him a bit of control when had no other.

This is just one of the countless experiences we have had with our patients who we helped to legally use this amazing medicine. Again, it's not as good as the proponents want you to believe, it's not as bad as the detractors want you to believe...but it is good for what it is good for! And I'm humbled and honored to pay it forward to qualifying patients, as this medicine has done wonders of healing in my personal life for my qualifying diseases.

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