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Cannabis was my REVERSE Gateway! From 420 Doctor Prescribed Narcotics pain Rx a month down to 30 pai

For many years Licensed HMO Medical Doctors PRESCRIBED Monthly: 240 Oxycodone, 90 Xanax, 90 Morphine and the only supplement that helped me to get off these extremely addictive medications with horrible side-effects was Cannabis. THANK GOD FOR CANNABIS!

Today I am only taking one 15mg ER Morphine per day. That's a huge decrease and I can only attribute this decrease in synthetic medications is medical cannabis. I did nothing else to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms while still mitigating Number Ten pain other than various very well researched medical cannabis varieties and titration.

When I hear politicians, law enforcement, and medical representatives utter ignorant words about how they're programmed to believe that medical cannabis is a dangerous drug, I feel sorry for them and hope they don't have to learn the hard way that it works miracles for what it works on. The only DANGER cannabis has is to HURT BIG PHARMACEUTICALS and force licensed doctors trained by the pharmaceutical corporations to stop the pacifying of most pain, cancer, glaucoma, spastic, seizure, PTSD, arthritis, etc. patients with synthetic medicine that are addictive and have deadly side effects.

Cannabis isn't as good as all the proponents want us to believe. Cannabis isn't as bad as all the detractors want us to believe. But Cannabis is really good for what it is really good for!

If you need a 329 Registration Card in Hawaii feel free to fill in the private secure form at to set up an appointment to see me, a Certified Medical Cannabis Consultant and one of my doctors so you can start down the road to addiction free pain and symptom mitigation as walked. I'm alive today because of Cannabis.

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