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Miracle! SB2407 PASSED A HUGE HURDLE ON IT'S JOURNEY TO THE GOVERNOR'S DESK FOR SIGNATURE INTO LAW! This bill will be allowing CANNABIS to be used for "Opioid addiction...

February 21, 2018

Miracle! SB2407 PASSED!!! This bill will be allowing CANNABIS to be used for


"Opioid addiction, substance abuse, or withdrawal symptoms resulting from the treatment of these conditions; "





...awaiting the Governor's Signature and immediate implementation to save the lives of those patients who are suffering now and can use Cannabis to succeed! Go to www.4HWC.com to apply for a 329 Registration Card for legal medical use of cannabis in Hawaii.


Mahalo Senator William Espero who will make an amazing Lt. Governor.


Great news for addicts, mental health/health professionals, family and friends of addicts. A proven reverse-gateway solution to the horrible symptoms of withdrawals and treatment of Opioid Addiction. I personally have gotten off over 240 prescribed opiate pills a month so I know this to be fact in my own personal experience and having watched scores of chronic pain patients use cannabis to mitigate the horrible withdrawal symptoms.

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